Build envirnoment for AmigaOS 3.9

This passage describes how to setup a build envirnoment for classic Amigas like OS3.9 and UAE running OS3.9. How this information applies to OS4.0 and Morphos has to be seen.

If someone has setup a build envirnoment for other system, like OS4.0 or Morphos or a cross compiler envinoment on Linux,... is free to post in the detailed information, so that can be pulished here.

Furthermore this documentation is still buggy, thus only a raff guidline. Errors can be reported at the . An the suffix of file can be different like .tar.gz and .tgz are the same, just write the correct suffix.

Where to get all needed files can be figured out in the downloads section.

But now lets start step for step how to setup it:

Additional information about AmigaOS build envirnoment

Shared library support for AmigaOS.

There are a few prerequisites for compiling with shared library support:

  1. Libnix version 2.1 ( . Version 2.1 contains a few extra functions which 2.0 doesn't have that are utilized by Amizilla.
  2. a2ixlibrary version 2.1 ( . You should also apply the gcc patch and recompile gcc. This patch allows for the shared library link files to be found in locations other than /a2ixlibrary (which is used extensively through compilation of amizilla).

The shared library code isn't completely bug-free as of yet but is fairly stable. I still need to work out issues dealing with closing of libraries upon abnormal termination and semi-random crashes.

If you get build error, check this out

> > To compile libraries dynamically, don't specific
> > --disable-shared/--enable-static when running configure. The configure
> > script will them generate the appropriate flags.

I just thought of something else. Did you apply the gcc patch which is
on the a2ixlibrary downloads page? Without that patch, gcc won't be able
to find any shared library .x files if they are located other than