Welcome to the Amizilla Project site

Amizilla aims at to get a port running on Amiga and compatibles system from the Mozilla browser suite.


Amizilla Update 31/8/06

Details on how to build a gcc cross-compiler under Win, Unix and Mac targeting AmigaOS 3.9.

Development info:

At the moment we are compiling the NSPR, and debugging it.

To be part of the the following steps needed.

  1. If you want to have write access to the cvs you need a SourceForge account and request memebership in the Amizilla project, else skip this step.
  2. Download the latest cvs from our repository, see cvs instructions.
  3. Setup the build envirnoment, see build envirnoment instructions.
  4. Build the cvs sources, see build einstructions.
  5. Start coding.

In the download section you find an otherview of files needed for the build envirnoment, and in the future there will be links to releases of amizilla. Actually the most files are hosted on this server, but are linke to from aminet and other palces. Thus it might be that some links are broken.

To get in contact with the developer team, we have a mailinglist at Yahoo groups.

   Last updated 31/8/2006